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Good afternoon!

Let me tell you about myself. My name is Svetlana Batsileva, soon I will turn 50 years old. I work as an environment coordinator at a large factory in Bratsk (do not confuse it with another city - Bryansk). I live in Siberia and have spent here all my life, since I can remember myself. It is where a long winter gives place to a lengthy spring which is followed by an abnormally short summer and a galloping fall. But this website is not about our nature, even though under the Geography link I have placed plenty of nature pictures made by my son. The purpose of my writing is various handworks.

The theme of hand-making will always remain relevant, as any woman by her nature longs for self-expression and freedom (at least of choice of clothes).

An idea of making a page of my own has come to my mind quite recently. And I considered this idea very closely because I realized that I've become ready for this.

I will try not to burden you with detailed and boring instructions on hand-made techniques, as I myself don't like them and often don't quite even understand. I will tell you about myself, my works. Together with you we will think of life, be a bit melancholy but may be joking as well. The gallery of my works I have made in such a way that an article could be seen from various angles and shown by different people. I think that this page will be of interest both for beginners and experienced. Any woman will be able to find something interesting for herself.

Here I will give my tips on fill stitching of linen and stockinet. I will also share with you my favorite ornaments from old Russian magazines Rodina and Niva that were issued in 19th century.

A year ago I went in for beading. Better to say, I 've grown up to beading, accepted it and put my whole heart into it. Beads are an excellent material to help clothes live longer. I hope you'll find interesting my approach to beading and its use in embroidering, knitting and fir work. And while the development of my page is still underway, I will try to think of something else.

Well, let's get started! Let luck be with us!

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